Monthly Archives: April 2007

You can now record RSS 2 news feeds

I just added support for recording RSS 2 news feeds.

To record a News Feed.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the New Recording button
  3. Click the Record News Feed tab
  4. Enter the URL for the RSS 2 feed you want to record
  5. Set a limit for how many of the articles in the feed you want to record. The default is the first 5 articles
  6. Click Record

As always if you have any issues, comments or suggestions for how to improve this feature send us an email.


Tips for recording PDF files

If you ever have issues recording a PDF it maybe for the following reasons.

1. You tried to record a PDF encrypted with Digital Rights Management (DRM). SpokenText cannot record files protected with DRM. As all text contained within the document is encrypted. And not available for recording.

2. There maybe an error in your PDF file. If possible try using Adobe Acrobat to convert the PDF file to a text file. To do this in Acrobat click File -> Save as Text and then uploaded the text file to your account for recording.

3. You tried to record a PDF which contained only images. At present SpokenText cannot read text embedded in images.

As a general rule when ever possible convert your PDF file to text files (.txt). This will insure that they will be recorded.