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+++SpokenText News 1.

+++SpokenText News 1.
July 14 2007.

++Table of Contents.

01: New Features:

02: Resolved Issues:

03: Donation Goal:

04: Notices:

05: Closing Message:

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+01: New Features:

1.  You can now create public and private recordings.  And using your SpokenText web address or Podcast address share your files with your friends, colleagues  or visitors to your web site.  The only thing you need to do is create an Alias and you are off to the races.

2.  The My Account page allows you to change a few preferences for how your SpokenText account works.  We will be adding more over time. 

3.  You can now delete multiple recordings at one time.  Or change multiple recording status's from Public to Private at one time.

4.  We added a few pages about the benefits and features of SpokenText.

+02: Resolved Issues:

1.  Some of you may have found that you could not record any files,  You would just receive an error each time.  But when you went to the "View Recordings" page your files were present but never changed status or finished.  This issue has been fixed with some help from a few nice members who told us about it and gave us the feedback we needed to fix it.  Thanks again to these members who helped us out we appreciate it!

If you were effected by this issue please try our site again.  We apologize for any inconvenience/headaches this may have caused you.

2. I have noticed recently that some members recordings have a length of  00:00:00. This means that SpokenText encountered an error while recording your file.  If the file was a PDF this was probably do to the file having been copy protected.  SpokenText can not record copy protected PDF files.   If the document was a web page it may have failed because the source web page was formatted poorly.  You may try copying and pasting the web pages text in to SpokenText to record these poorly formatted web pages.

+03: Donation Goal:

We have set a donation goal to add a female voice to the site. If  you would like to contribute to this goal or just donate to the site you can send us a donation using our PayPal account at
To learn more about our donation policy visit

Need to raise: $260.00 CAD
Current total: $40.00 CAD

Thanks to all of you who have already donated to our site.  We appreciate the support!

04: Notices:

Some of you may not be aware of this but by default all recordings are deleted after 7 days.  If you would like to have your recordings last longer send us an email with your username and the reason why you need your recordings to last longer and we will increase the time your recordings will last before they are deleted.

05: Closing Message:

As always for the latest news and help tutorials check out our blog at or our FAQ page at  And if you notices any bugs/issues please send us an email so we can try and fix them.

Mark McKay

Live Work Play uses SpokenText to voice enable their web site.

Live Work choose SpokenText to voice enable their web site.  They have added SpokenText recordings to key pages of their site, to make their site easier and more enjoyable to use for their visitors and clients.

If you would like to add SpokenText recordings to  your web site contact us and we can help you get it setup.

I will also be posting a blog post on this subject soon so keep an eye on the help tutorial section of our blog.