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SpokenText on the iPhone

A few weeks back I had a chance to try out SpokenText on an iPhone. The site works great!. You can record text and listen to your recordings.

If you have an iPhone check out our site.

It would be a great tool to listen to long emails or web pages.


+++SpokenText News 2

+++SpokenText News 2.
August 18 2007.

++Table of Contents.

01: New Features:

02: Resolved Issues:

03: Donation Goal:

04: Notices:

05: Need FireFox beta testers for our new SpokenText Toolbar extension for FireFox.

06: Closing Message:

[Contents ends].

+01: New Features:

1. SpokenText Badge

You can now create a Badge which you can place on your web site to easily share your public recordings. You just copy the code we provide, paste it into your web site or blog and you are done.

Login to your account and click Share Recordings -> Place a SpokenText Badge on your web site or blog to learn all about it.

Badges are a simple way to add your recordings to your site. Try them out you will be amazed how easy it is to do.

2. Added Private Email And let you reset it using the My Account Page

Our old approach to recording email forced you to send the email you wanted recorded from the same account you used to register with our site. This is not an ideal solution because many people have more then one email account.

So to fix this we now give everyone a private SpokenText email address which you can reset if you don’t like it or if someone discovers your address and starts sending email to it. (a.ka. a spammer)

To find out what your address is, login to and check out the My Account page. Your email will be listed their and you can also use this page to reset it to a new one.

3. Added new Email tab and reordered the tabs on the New Recordings page..

I made a few small changes to the look of the site to help inform people about our powerfull new email recording option. This is a great way to record those email newsletters we all get. So if you have not tried it you should.

4. Added SpokenText book club.

To help show off what is possible using a SpokenText badge. I have started the SpokenText book club and will publish one full length book each month. To do this I created a new account (create as many new accounts as you want since they are FREE). Then uploaded the text of the book I wanted to record making sure that I set it to be public. I then went to the Share Recordings page, clicked the link for Create a SpokenText badge and copied and pasted the code on that page in to my site. You can create a badge where people can just listen to your recordings or listen and download them.

5. Added Share Recordings page to make it easy for people to learn how to share their recordings.

If you are interested in sharing your recordings login to your account and click on Share Recordings to see all of the ways you can share your files. These pages include all of the code and advice you need to start sharing your recordings on your web page or blog.

6. Added share a single recording feature

You can now place an individual recording on any page of your site. I have used this new feature to add audio versions of key content to pages of our site. And will eventually use it to speech enable our blog.

Login to your account and click Share Recordings -> Place a single SpokenText recording on your web site or blog

Sharing a single recording is a powerful way to speech enable your web site or blog. Try it out you will be amazed how easy it is to do.

+02: Resolved Issues:

A member let me know that I should post a message on the login page to inform users of the site that they need cookies enabled in their web browser to use Thanks for the note. I should have thought to add this information to the login page.

+03: Donation Goal:

We have set a donation goal to add a female voice to the site. If you would like to contribute to this goal or just donate to the site you can send us a donation using our PayPal account at

To learn more about our donation policy visit

Need to raise: $260.00 CAD
Current total: $140.00 CAD

Thanks to all of you who have already donated to our site. We appreciate the support!

04: Notices:

Some of you may not be aware of this but by default all recordings are deleted after 7 days. If you would like to have your recordings last longer send us an email with your username and the reason why you need your recordings to last longer and we will increase the time your recordings will last before they are deleted.

05: Need FireFox beta testers for our new SpokenText Toolbar extension for FireFox.

We are looking for testers to beta test the SpokenText Toolbar we are working on. We created the toolbar to make it even easier for you to record selected text on web pages or the complete page.

If you use FireFox 1.5 or 2.0 and would like to be a beta tester for our new FireFox extension please send use an email with beta tester in the subject line and we will send you the link to the extension.

06: Closing Message:

As always for the latest news and help tutorials check out our blog at or our FAQ page at And if you notices any bugs/issues please send us an email so we can try and fix them.

And if you like SpokenText tell your friends about it!

Mark McKay

SpokenText has gone global

From the very beginning SpokenText has been a global site.  With users from all over the world.

I just checked our stat’s and currently we have members from over 78 countries located in six continents.  We just need members from Antartica and we have the whole world covered :-).