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MP3 players for people with low vision

I designed SpokenText for users of all visual acuities. Both the blind and visually impaired can benefit from the site.

While the main focus of the site is integration with iTunes and the iPod and iPod Nano you can use our recordings with any MP3 player.

Here are two great options for low cost MP3 players.

1. iPod Shuffle

This player is a great choice, it is small, has no visual interface, is under $80, has an internal rechargeable battery and holds 1GB of recordings. And you can get it at any Walmart.

iTunes is not very accessible to JAWS users without third party scripts but there are other ways to place files on the device.

To learn more about the iPod Shuffle visit

2. Creative ZenStone

This is another low cost player without a visual interface. You can control it completely by touch. For a great review of this player check out the ViTech podcast episode MP3 Players and Recorders, and the Spoken Network

To learn more about the Zen Stone check out

If you have a hard time seeing visual interfaces try one of these two players out. They are both great options.