Monthly Archives: March 2008

Site instability

The site has been a little unstable of late.

We think we have it fixed. We traced it down to an issue with our router.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Announcing SpokenText Plus has now enabled thousands of users to turn their personal text into podcasts. However, more and more of you are asking for significant increases to the maximum size of the documents you are “spokentext-ing”. In order to recover some of the costs associated with the additional hardware and bandwidth required, we are asking for a donation of $30. In return, we will increase your maximum document size to 20mb, let your recordings last for a full year and give your recordings queue priority over non-Plus members.

We hope you find that is a fair deal. If you do, click on the Make A Donation button below or visit our Spokentext Plus page to make a donation today.

If you have already made a donation (of any size whatsoever), we will be offering you a new 1year free SpokenText Plus account shortly to say thank you for your support.


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