Monthly Archives: September 2008

New feature for SpokenText Plus users

I have just added a new feature for SpokenText Plus users.

The new recordings page will now remember your preferred voice, words per minute and volume settings, these will be remembered so that you won’t have to set them each time you want to record text.

Thanks to all of you who have become Plus members. The money really helps us to keep the site going.

Mark McKay

New Nano 4G iPod speaks!

It is about time.

The new Nano 4G iPod speaks! Using it along with iTunes 8 you can create spoken menus for most of the text content on your iPod. It uses your PC/Mac to generate the spoken menus and then transfers them to your iPod.

I am very happy to see Apple finally making the iPod more accessible! But do wish that they would tell more people about this new feature. It has gotten almost no press coverage.

Hopefully this is just the beginning. And one day the iPod will have a TTS built in.

You can learn more about it here at: