Monthly Archives: April 2010

Record email is new and improved.

Our record email and email attachment(s) feature is new and improved. It was completely rewritten and improved in the process.

You can now record multiple attachments and if you have a paid account it will use your default settings for voice, words per minute and volume to record your email or attachment.

The returning email was tweaked to make it iPhone and iPod Touch friendly so you can easily listen to a recording directly in your iPhone and iPod Touch’s mail application.

To see your SpokenText email address sign in to your account and click the My Account page link at the top left of the screen.


Recordings stuck in queue

Some demo users in the last week or so might have seen your recordings stuck and queuing forever. I think I have fixed the issue.

I had to delete the recordings which were stuck so please try them again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.