Create a dialog between voices

Want to create a dialog between two different voices talking. Maybe to hear your screen play or novel read to you?

Here is how you can do it:

Wrap the text you want in a different voice as follows.

<voice gender=”male, female, neutral” >...</voice>

For example:

Where do you want to eat tonight?

<voice gender=”female”> Let’s go for pizza </voice>

Listen to it

For this test I set my default voice in the list provided on the New Recordings tab to

This way you only have to put the tags around one of the talkers and not both.

Note: Recording of Voice tags optional. Just check the box for Respond to voice tags? if you want SpokenText to respond to voice tags you have placed into your text content. Note that if your voice tags are not well formed or you have text within your content which looks like a voice tag your recording will fail to be recorded.