Monthly Archives: August 2012

Audio book format best for listening to long recordings

Today I was talking to a member of the site on the phone who was using mp3 files to distribute recordings he had created.

Mp3 is a great format but if your intended audience has access to an Apple device like an iPhone, iPod or iPad or even a computer running iTunes then it might be better to send your intended audience our Audio Book formatted files.

This type of file when used in iTunes or any iOS device like an iPhone,iPad or iPod will remember the last position the recording was at and start from that point when you next listen to the recording.

This is the format I use to listen to all of the long format recordings I use SpokenText to create. One other option is to download the recording from your SpokenText podcast URL and then access it via the podcast section of your device or iTunes. When accessed this way the recording will remember its last position.

I have found that either of these two options are best when listening to long format recordings.

Happy listening :-)


Unalbe to access site on Aug 28 2012

There was an issue with our domain name renewal on Aug 28 2012 which made it impossible to access the site for around 6 hours or so. The site and our servers were still running fine but with the domain name not working know one could access it.

This is the first period of down time of any kind we have had in years. We take up time very seriously and will try to make sure that this type of issue never happens again.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused. If you are still having issues reaching our site please try to clear your browser cache and restart your browser if it has been open for a while.